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©Heleen Haijtema

After months of hard work, my team and I proudly present: Haast & Herstel | Rush & Rest - the movie!!!

The performance questions the speed of life (in the city and in nature), when to rush, and when to rest. By means of; my compositions, our improvisations and video, we take you with us through these different speeds and the contrast between life in the city, and in nature. In the movie we use the medium: video, to make this movie not just a registration. Many of the full screen video segments that do not show the stage, were also displayed during the performance to also present this extra discipline in a live setting.

We are very curious to hear what your thoughts are about it, feel free to share it; on social media, by private message, by a letter send by pigeon, make a phone call or any other way that you like :).

We have spent a lot of time and resources to make the performance- and especially the movie, happen. Therefor we kindly ask you to consider to make a contribution. You could see it as your online ticket.

For students we suggest: €6,50

For non-students we suggest: €7,50

Of course, it is completely up to you whether, and if so, how much you would like to donate. But if you can spare it, that is very much appreciated!

Lastly, I sincerely hope that you will enjoy the movie. We strongly advise to download the movie, instead of watching it on YouTube. Furthermore, we advise you to watch it in the cinema (just kidding) or on a nice screen with good speakers or else headphones for the best experience!

p.s. Google Drive can't check the file for viruses, because it is too big. But I guarantee you, there will be no viruses included ;)